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R&D Collaboration

R&D Collaboration

HPGC is comprehensively promoting the construction of the open R&D technology platforms. We are open to the society searching for R&D collaborations, including imports of pipeline drugs, clinical trial registration approvals, new drug certificates and drug registration approvals, as well as mature and industrialized pharmaceutical technologies. Our scope covers small-molecule drugs, biopharmaceuticals, Chinese medicines, OTC products, and veterinary vaccines and drugs. Please contact us through the following:
Small-molecule Drugs:
Mr. Cheng:   Phone: 0451-51961111-15121
Mr. Sun:   Phone: 0451-51961111-13361
Ms. Sheng:   Phone: 0451-51961111-15022
Chinese Medicines and Healthcare products:
Mr. Li:  Phone: 0451-51961111-13361
Office: Room 336

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